At La Panacée you can lunch and dine 6 days a week.

We prepare our meals (as much as possible) with regional products and fresh vegetables and herbs from our vegetable garden. The meals are served on our terrace or in case of bad weather, inside in our diningroom. Each morning at breakfast you can tell us if you would like to join us for dinner that evening

Dinner – Table d’hôte:
On saturdays, mondays and wednesdays you can join us for a sumptuous dinner. You will then enjoy a four course meal.

Dinner – Plat du jour:
On sundays, tuesdays and fridays we offer a ‘plat du jour’ (day special). This is a one course meal, for instance a delicious beef stew, roasted chicken or country lasagne.

Dinner – Table d’hôte enfant:
As children oftentimes do not like to be seated for long we serve a special children’s dinner. After their dinner they can either resume playing or go to bed. The parents then can enjoy their own dinner.

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