Naturally, when the weather is fine, you can spend your day relaxing at our pool on one of the lounge chairs. In the surrounding area of La Panacée there are also other bodies of water where you can spend a leisurely day.

Rivers: Dordogne & Lot
Both the Dordogne and the Lot are fast flowing rivers. This means you cannot swim everywhere you like. At the villages Domme and Vitrac, amongst others, there are small beaches which will provide safe access to the river Dordogne. Both rivers are eminently suited for canoeing. We can recommend places to get on board and trips to make. If you are looking for something slightly less active we recommend taking a boat trip on the river Dordogne, on a gabare.

Lac du Causse
Situated west of Brive is the lake, Lac du Causse. This 247 acre recreational lake is wedged in between lush verdant hills. Activities include : swimming, sailing, surfing, water cycling, canoeing and waterskiing. You can also sunbathe on one of the many beaches. Especially with little children you will have an enjoyable stay. There is playing playground equipment at some of the beaches and the ground level in of the lake subsides very slowly. Don’t forget to order our sumptuous pick-nick basket!  The edge of the lake in the shade of the trees makes for a perfect pick-nick location. In case you like your creature comforts, order the beach set as well..

Lac de Grolejac
In the vicinity of Sarlat lies the little lake of Grolejac. Swimming, canoeing, and waterbike riding are some of the possibilities over there. For a small fee, you get access to the “private” beach which is guarded by a lifeguard.

In the village of Souillac, there’s Quercyland, a veritable swimmers paradise for children with many waterslides and other attractions.

Cascades de Murel
Near the village of Gramat, you can hike through the woods to the picturesque waterfallsCascades de Murel.

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