Culinary delight

The Dordogne region has the nickname ‘Royaume de la gueule’ which translates as ‘The
kingdom of the mouth‘. The Lot and the Corrèze are also known for their ‘cuisine’. We can suggest many excellent restaurants in the area both with or without a Michelin star.

Luxury dining at Chateau La Treyne.

Wine routes
Slightly further removed from La Panacée (60 to 90 km) you will be able to explore the vineyards of Cahors (Lot), Bergerac (Dordogne) and the Corrèze. The area surrounding Cahors is known for its ‘vin noir’; heavy wines of a deep red colour. At the wineries of Bergerac, amongst other things, you will find the sweet after-dinner wines of Monbazillac. The special, though lesser known, wine from the Corrèze region is the so called ‘vin paillé’ in other areas of France better known as ‘vin de paille’. The grapes are first dried on a bed of straw, hence the name (paille means straw). We serve various regional wines at La Panacée.

Visit a brandy distillery
Brandy ‘La Vieille Prune’ is known as the empress of the region Query-perigord both in the stores and on the cards of the most refined gourmet restaurants of France. You can visit the cellars and shop of  the Roque’s Distellery in Souillac, that produces this specific delicious brandy.

Route du noix
There is a special nut trail from Salignac to Beynac, where you can explore “the walnut”. The trail makes one thing very clear; Nothing goes to waste! In the spring the leaves of the walnut are used to make a nut wine extract; the green nuts disappear into the jam or are made into vinegar, the green shell is used in ‘eau de vie’ and the nuts themselves are used in…..everything. Near Sarlat, you can visit the 16th century Moulin de la tour, where the traditional way of making nut oil is shown.

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